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About me

What People Say

“As someone who has the privilege of being a leading player in Coaching and performance improvement, I highly recommend Sorel as a Coach! He has my complete respect and trust!”

David Brown
CEO – Performance Consultants International
ICF – Member of the Board

“Sorel is passionate about living a life without compromises and he can translate that approach into his coaching sessions. He challenges you to push your imaginary limits and focuses on what really needs to get fixed and helps you “just observe” what it cannot be fixed by you.”

Bogdan Badea – CEO, eJobs

“I want to” instead of “have to”. It is the simplest and yet the most revealing thing that Sorel transmitted to me in such a way as to internalize it and to naturally change the way I approach everything I do on a professional or personal level. I appreciate (and thank him again) that he knew how to make the coaching process about me and after each meeting I knew exactly what I wanted to do to reach my best version.”

Maria Guta – Head of PI Landing Department, BCR

“Working with Sorel as my coach was a challenging and fun experience. He was always pushing for results, keeping our meetings focused, adapting his communication and interaction style and sharing from his own experience. His guidance helped me see things differently and planted the seeds for further development. I would recommend him as a trustworthy professional who is dedicated to help people grow.”

Ioana Angelescu – Studio Production Manager, UBISOFT

“I liked the way and the determination with which Sorel managed to lead me to a result, a new acquisition, at every meeting. The result of this process is amazing, because as long as I was in the process, I didn’t know when it would end and what it would be like then. I really perceived the change quite suddenly and I realized that I gained clarity, presence and a discipline that helps me focus on the proposed objectives.”

Felicia Barsan – co-Founder & CEO, UNIT VISION

“How was the time spent with Sorel for me? It was with a lot of ‘Aha’ moments… These moments helped me understand that whatever business I do, it’s important to understand myself and be congruent and committed. ”

Marcel Ionescu, Founder & CEO, AGRICLOUD

“Sorel has been a mindshifter for me in a moment my career moved from managing clients to managing people. His First Time Manager program helped me understand the new perspective, find the objectives of a business manager in a focused, process driven manner. Him being a very open & straight forward person worked great for me. Thanks again!”

Valeriu Galani, Brand Lead at Spark Foundry Romania

Long story short

It was 1987 when I started my “career”, in Ceausescu’s time, as a blue collar worker in an electronics warehouse.

After the so called revolution , in just few years I have jumped from that dusty warehouse, in my first Director chair, at Mediafax News Agency.

It was not exactly a jump, but a step by step learning and progress. First I have changed the “state” environment with the revolutionary IMP-EX SRL that dominate the Romanian private business environment at the beginning of the 90’s. In that small company, I was from the “bell boy”, good at everything, to the number 1 Sales Executive, selling a very colourful portfolio: coffee, car oil, whiskey, gas cookers, fertilizers, Chupa-Chups, second hand car tires and …Chicco children products. As I remember. Then I become one of the first brokers at the Romanian Commodity Exchange, dealing again with a large variety of products, from bulk sugar to petroleum derivates. My new job as broker open the door for day dreaming about myself on the Wall Street.

And when you dream enough, your dreams come true. My life was a Romanian copy/paste of Mr. Gekko on Wall Street, only instead of driving a Porche car, I went to work by bus and replaced an apartment in Manhattan in favor of a small apartment to share with my mom. No big difference.

The only chapter I beat Gekko with was entertainment. Our boss spent all Friday nights in the “Sarpele Rosu” restaurant and tried to educate us. 1-0 for me, Mr. Gekko!

Also, as an interesting entertainment exercise, our boss rented a restaurant by the sea in Eforie Nord, where he was curious to see if we could handle being waiters. 16 hours a day. 2-0 for me, Mr. Gekko!

After an funny season on the sea side, a new question start visiting me: is there any possibility for me to find a different job on earth?!

And Mediafax News Agency answer to my question: we are hiring Sales Consultants, and you have the perfect profile for that. Deal done! After my first 3 months in Mediafax, I was promoted as Marketing and Sales Director. I have changed all the sales protocols and procedures, the products and the team. In short.

After 3 very intense years at Mediafax, I was promoted again, this time at a larger scale: Sales Director of MediaPro Group, the most desirable company to work for in Romania in the mid 90’s.

…Now I have more than 30 years in the work field. 25 of them I was managing people. Building many great teams!…Coaching them, leading them, to great results. Most of the teams I’ve built and lead where dynamic, powerful and successful.

That’s why Leading Teams is one of my expertise.

I was in the top management of big corporations for many years, until I’ve decided that too much is too much. And I start my own business. After my first startup, ideas start sparkling and many other businesses I co-founded, one after another. Some where very good businesses. Some where just good lessons. Because sometime we can learn a lot from failure!… It’s only when you can feel the limits when you really understand the territory!

That’s why, what means to be an Entrepreneur and how to accelerate a Startup and how to grow a business, is one of my expertise.

And that’s why I am the startup Coach of Guerrilla Camp (where I wait for you to jump in our next cohort, if you have a great business idea).

The last company of which I am a proudly Co-Founder is Centre for Effective Coaching, partner of Performance Consultants International, the company founded by Sir John Whitmore, the father of modern Executive Coaching.

My journey as a COACH has started in  2004 when I dived deep in the waters of NLP, for more than 3000 hours of learning and formation as NLP Master Coach and Trainer.

Also I have done my formation in Behavioral Coaching under the ICC worldwide organization, as Business Master Coach.

These two different formations allow me to work with my clients on two parallel levels: at surface/conscious level and deep/unconscious level, in the same time.

I have start my learning journey with the well known Catalin Zaharia, actual President of the European ANLPt, who kindly guided my first steps in NLP. Than I have worked with the top trainers of the industry like Peter Schutz, Judith Lowe, the co-founder of NLP, John Grinder, Stephen Gilligan, Judith DeLozier, Robert Dilts, Charles Faulkner and so many others, all very respected professionals of the field, to whom I will thank until the end of the road!

During this learning experience, I decide that for me, Coaching is the best way to express myself. The best way to contribute for people learning and development.

I know you can say “what a clichee”, but…for me is the truth: I have found my passion and my purpose!

That’s why Executive and Business Coaching is my expertise.

I try to keep my coaching not exclusive but selective. And that’s because I still like: work, results and no bullshit. I try to work with people who want more and are willing to do more to achieve this. People who really want to get somewhere, not anywhere!

For that part of the year when I don’t do Coaching, I do Sailing. If you like to discover the pure joy of freedom, in the middle of the sea, give me a sign and I will teach you how to sail only by the power of the wind! Spectacular!

Also, I want to share with you a final word, but an important one.

Many years ago, when I was unawake (that’s just a sophisticated way to say stupid), I was reading books from western business culture, and some of them started like this: I thank my wife for the support she gave me, etc. And that time I was thinking: what a bullshit! Why do you need to cover a good stuff with bullshit?! You are big enough, you don’t need to do this!

I thought publishers put some pressure on authors to write such things. It seemed impossible to me that it could be written from the heart. This was the voice of my insecurity but also what I often saw around me.
Now, 20 years later, if I should write a book tomorrow, I would start exactely the same!

No publishing house has put any pressure on me yet but the feeling exists. And I can testify that we become whole and fulfilled, only together!

Because it is in our nature to be together, to learn together, to grow together, to celebrate together. That’s how we make sense of each other. If, by absurdity, you can think that tomorrow you will remain the only surviving man on the planet, and you will try to see how you would fill your days, you will reach the deepest depression. Our meaning is to give and receive. This is how we build our meaning in life. Being alone … has no purpose.

I was lucky enough to keep the (secret) dream that a beautiful family is the best thing we need in this life. And I was lucky enough to see my dream come true.

And …yes, love it’s all we need.And a purpose.

My purpose is to help people to get CLARITY, to reach their full POTENTIAL, to achieve their GOALS.

And that’s why you are here!