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Your Personal Coach

Let’s make you sing!

Right now, you have a predictable path in to your future life. Can you see it?

Even if it’s clear for you, or not, you are already heading somewhere! And if no further intention, commitment, and action is taken, then, the actual path will remain unchanged.

And you will end-up in that point you are already heading. Is there where you truly want to go?! Is that what you want for you?! Is that what you want from your life?! The question is for you and you must have an answer!

Because if this is not what you want, you don’t have to let that happen! You are not just a passenger! You are in the driver’s seat!

The future is still a white page and you have a pen!

Don’t be shy with your life, because you don’t live twice!

Some people die and go to the grave with their music still inside them, without anyone having the chance to hear it.
And at some point, deep in your heart, you can feel that it may even happen to you.

Don’t let that happen!

If you are ready to step up, to find your voice, to making an impact at a whole new level,

If you want to make a change and elevate yourself to the point where you’ll be surprised of what you are capable of,

Even if you’re successful, but you have a sensation that so much more is possible for you,

If you want to be in a space where the power of conversation will allow you to see clearly,


What People Say

“As someone who has the privilege of being a leading player in Coaching and performance improvement I highly recommend Sorel as a Coach. He has my complete respect and trust.

David Brown
CEO – Performance Consultants International
ICF – Member of the Board of Directors

“What I liked the most was Sorel’s determination to lead me to a result, to a new acquisition, in every single session that we had. The result of this process is amazing. I realise the change suddenly when I have become aware that I have gain more clarity, presence and a discipline that helps me to stay focused on my objectives.”

Felicia Barsan – CEO, UNIT VISION

“How was for me, the time that I spent with Sorel? It was full of “A-ha! moments”. Those inspiring moments had helped me to understand that any business I will develop, the most important thing is to be and to stay aligned with myself and authentic.”

Marcel Ionescu, Founder & CEO, AGRICLOUD