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The Heart of Leadership in action

…Ah, the thrill of the new challenge!

And yet the biggest challenge might come from you…

You recognize your potential to be an exceptionally effective leader. You understand your capacity for impactful leadership, inspiring and motivating those around you. Your ability to empower and delegate. 

However, you know it could be better. There’s a missing piece in your leadership puzzle, a gap in the full picture, and you can’t quite pinpoint it.

And neither can I. Yet.

But rest assured, when we meet, that piece will come to light.

That’s a promise.

“The longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart.”
Thích Nhat Hanh

“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.”

My mission is to prove YOU CAN. 

Coaching means you plunge into who you are with someone you trust. It can be a very, very powerful experience. Because it’s very, very personal.  It’s why I only do this in person. We meet and talk. And in the process I have tried and tested in years, your authentic leadership can surface and start producing the results you want now.

Transformational coaching for C-suite dolphins.
Not for sharks.

Why dolphins? There’s proof they’re more intelligent. They hunt in teams. And right now, you want your team hitting KPIs in sync. Yes, you’re the leader. And you need to work on yourself first. Because once you get in touch with what you need to improve and do it, you shift. You emit from a whole new frequency. And that alone can turn your team aligned and highly engaged for smooth sailing.

Are you cruising on these frequencies in your performance?


   When you move up in the management, first thing you notice is the air. It’s different.
And you need to adapt fast. To  change. But what? You don’t see it yet. Because right now, you’re in the tunnel of your limiting habits and beliefs.
You need to come out and see the whole picture. 


   Once you can see, you have access to know what’s separating you from your success.
And you can design the path to it. When you know what you want to achieve, your path becomes a matter of choice.
Strategy is choice.



   You have a clear action plan. Now it’s time you act on and stick to it.
And as you do, you dig out of the old habits tunnel and build a new one.
One that keeps you away from distractions.
Eyes on the ball! 



    People “buy into” and follow only people they can understand and trust.
And for your business connections, you are what they have perceived of you till now.
But that’s incomplete you.
Once you got clarity for yourself and have a plan, you can become clear for others.


    It’s the foundation of all relationships. And you build it. With authenticity and trust in yourself.
Radiate TRUST, and your team listens and follows.
This is your atomic engine power…and it’s time for you to turn it on.

Grab them by the hearts.

Bond over KPIs.


Hi, I’m Sorel!

Transformational Coach, Entrepreneur, CEO, and sailing ship Captain. 

I help leaders like you look within and bring out the resources to lead their teams effectively. 

To do that is, in itself, an upgrade to who you are and how you  operate in the world today.

To do it well, with measurable results, you need a system that connects your own success to that of your company. 

I perfected such a system in 25 years of leading thriving teams in fast-growing industries. I turned from star salesman to leader of star sales teams to CEO to coach. 

Want the billboard? Lead with the heart.

You keep your eyes on the KPI’s. But KPIs come from A-players. Your main game is to get the most out of your team. And only the heart can do that.

No authenticity, no trust.
No trust, no leadership.
No leadership, no results.
Here’s what you can do about it:

Coaching 1:1 lead by the heart and win

Your leadership is within. To bring it out, you need to uncover parts of you until now neglected. I can help you find your inner compass, sharpen your true strengths and engage it to become the leader your team wants to follow.

Coaching 1:1 elevate their aspirations

 You see the potential in your ranks but need someone from outside to come in and accelerate it. I can work with them individually and help remove what’s blocking them.

Your team, on my ship

 The supreme alignment experience for you and your key people in an intense 7-day leadership lab. Postcard perfect sea views. And leadership wins to steer you full throttle.

Recommended by CEOs and A-players

With Sorel you can aim and troubleshoot and, relatively quickly, improve relationships with both the team and the management. You can improve your performance.

I was a newly promoted CEO when I worked with Sorel, with many first time managers in my team. Pressure was on from all around. He gave me a very clear tool. One that sticks. I still use it and have passed it on to my team.

Sorel doesn’t take you the long way in. His way of working also touches on consulting, on the more direct side of things. He gives direct support. It’s help when you need it.

Bogdan Badea

CEO, eJobs Group

You get an email now and then… I hit reply, got the aggressive answer. Now I remember what I talked with Sorel and say wait a minute, we’re not playing this game. We’re doing this differently.

Before working with Sorel I did not have that moment to sit and think. Take that step back and reflect on what’s around me. It’s in that moment you see you were in a whirlwind, not getting the full picture, caught in frustration that takes you nowhere.

Bogdan Enescu

VP of Architecture

It’s proven people change after coaching. I believe it because I’ve seen it. And coaching with Sorel is an experience. He goes into subjects you rely on not only as a professional. You need them as a person. 

Sorel is an enabler in this introspective, self discovery journey. Coached by him I have crystallized my values, who I am and what I want to become. My positioning and my agenda onwards.  Sorel is straightforward and facilitates this introspection masterfully.

Niculae Vasile

Head of Technology Operations, FintechOS

After getting coached by Sorel, I feel the curtain’s been lifted and I can see. I realized some abilities are within and coaching helps you bring them out and build a structure where you’re lacking.

With Sorel I fleshed out this structure and moved from explorations in theory, to an actionable framework I update constantly. He has an invisible method. I arrived at many conclusions, of course, guided by him, but in a conversation among equals.

Marius Ghica

CFO, Green Group

After my coaching sessions with Sorel, I can see a change. I didn’t get out of six months of therapy as much as I got out of six coaching sessions with Sorel. Before working with him, I had motivation swings. I’d power on. Then off. I started seeing things a bit differently. I started looking for what I need to calibrate my performance, to work better with my team, not get pissed off. Be constant. With his coaching, I learned what I actually need, what to focus on. I went confused and I got clarity.

Marius Perciun

SRE Director, FintechOS

A lot can happen this year. 

If you get who you are as a leader.

So don’t stand in your own way!

When you dive deep for what you truly want, the whole world freezes. And you can see clearly.

But I don’t work with just anyone. I work with those who have the heart of a winner. And winners are willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else. Are you?
The question is, are you ready?

“As someone who has the privilege of being
a leading player in coaching and performance improvement,
I highly recommend Sorel as a Coach.
He has my complete respect and trust.”

David Brown
CEO, Consulting Performance Intl. &

Board Member ICF 

(International Coaching Federation)