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Leadership Coaching Tools

Leadership Coaching Tools & Mindset for Performance.

A program for Managers at all levels.

“Management has changed. Gone are the days of command and control.Managers must lead, inspire and coach.” FORBES

Our program assist Managers to understand the new management paradigm and to adopt a new mindset.

A new COACHING MINDSET will be adopted by the participants, through the Coaching sessions, implementation of the new tools and permanent feedback. After this program we can predict a higher level of ENGAGEMENT and PERFORMANCE for the participants AND their teams.

“Twenty-first-century managers simply don’t (and can’t!) have all the right answers. To cope with this new reality, companies are moving away from traditional command-and-control practices and toward something very different: a model in which managers give support and guidance rather than instructions, and employees learn how to adapt to constantly changing environments in ways that unleash fresh energy, innovation, and commitment. The role of the manager, in short, is becoming that of a coach.” – HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, DEC 2019

On our Program and during the Coaching conversations we encourage the “new style” management which is more people & results oriented, more focused on developing people performance and supporting the long term career ambitions, more organized around clear goals setting and people empowerment. We’ll explore the benefits of a culture of awareness and responsibility. With a leadership style that inspires trust not fear.

Participants will gain a higher level of AWARENESS of their role as Managers in developing other people by learning to listen with care, to ask powerful questions, to provide better feedback and to implement a new level of trust and responsibility in their teams.